Christmas at SPSA!

Christmas Eve, Saturday December 24th:

7pm Family Service, 10:45pm Candlelight Service.

Christmas Day, Sunday, December 25th:

11am Worship

“The Word of God became like us and pitched a tent in the middle of us.” John 1:14

At last month’s Fall Retreat, we spent a lot of time exploring this one little verse of scripture.  What does it mean that God’s word took human form and lived with us? How could it be that the creator of the universe literally pitched a tent in our lives, as the Gospel of John puts it?

At its heart, Christmas is about the incarnation, the coming of God as a human being.  It is about God’s strange decision to occupy the human situation, to know firsthand the human predicament.    It is about God’s determination to know us by becoming our Emmanuel:      ‘God with us.’

During Advent, though, we are pre-occupied. Advent is a time of stillness, of emptiness.  A time to experience God’s absence, rather than celebrate God’s presence.

We could jump from Thanksgiving into Christmas, like the rest of the culture.  But we would miss the awesome emptiness of preoccupation.

~K Karpen

Saturday, December 24   CHRISTMAS EVE

7:00 Family Service

8:00 Open House at the Parsonage

10:45 Candlelight Service

Sunday, December 25  CHRISTMAS DAY

11:00 Christmas Service for all ages

Siobhan Sargent preaching