Yoga Fundraiser Success

This nice tree makes me think of how the physical and spiritual intertwine in Creation.

This nice tree makes me think of how the physical and spiritual intertwine in Creation.

The idea for a yoga fundraising festival was conceived practically enough: I wanted to raise some funds for Green Team initiatives, and I happen know some very talented, warm-hearted yoga/fitness instructors who I thought might be willing to donate a class. As I moved forward with the idea, however, I realized the concept had a deeper meaning as well, as a way for people to care for the earth and themselves at the same time.

After putting the word out about the festival, I didn’t know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised when well over a dozen people showed up, many of them staying for more than one class. As Laurel Schultheis took us through a soothing Hatha Yoga sequence, Samantha Bruce challenged us with some vigorous Hot Yoga, and SP&SA’s own Nancy Meyers worked our cores with a well-rounded Pilates class, I felt privileged to share the experience with such a lovely, positive group of people.

Not to entirely forget the practical, the fundraiser was a financial success as well! We raised a total of $242, a significant chunk of change that will go towards (if it doesn’t cover) an energy audit for the building.

This would never have been possible without the generous offering of talent and time by Ms. Schultheis, who teachers at Third Root Yoga Studio in Brooklyn, Ms.Bruce, who teaches freelance, and Ms. Meyers, who teaches Pilates every Tuesday in the SP&SA Parlor. If you missed the festival but are looking to incorporate some yoga into your life, I can confidently recommend all three of these wonderful teachers.

And now, because I cannot resist the classic Yogic sign-off,