Green Team Makes Sustainable Candy for Haunted House

Last Monday evening, several sugar-loving members of the Green Team gathered in the parsonage to prepare a bounty of treats for the Youth Group’s Haunted House, set to take place the next day. Candy Apples, Maple Candy, Caramel Popcorn, Sweet Potato Bread–it was a delicious spread indeed, made all the more sweet by the sustainable nature of the ingredients!

The Green Team celebrates a job well done.

The Green Team celebrates a job well done.

The apples and sweet potatoes were fresh from the farmer’s market that morning, while all the sugar, maple and butter were organic and vegan to boot! While there is always room for improvement (we’ll have to wait until our rooftop, biodynamic/permaculture farm is up and running until we can be 100% sustainable ), we saw this as a great opportunity to take a step back from the commercial aspect of Halloween and tackle it in a more earth-conscious way.

In a time when global food supply is predicted to decrease as the population grows, it is important to consider the ecological and economic impact of our “daily bread,” and to create consumer demand for food that is ethically and sustainably produced.

If you are a stranger to your local farmer’s market, it’s never to late to make friends! And if you are looking for some really good chocolate, coffee or tea, check out Equal Exchange’s selection of goodies.