Get Ready For Composting!

A preview of our new organics collection initiative!

A preview of our new organics collection initiative!

After a meeting this Tuesday morning with DSNY, WSCAH, WEME and SP&SA (what a lot of acronyms!), our beautiful building is on track to be a far more sustainable one as well! Starting the first week of March, food scraps will be collected from the WSCAH pantry, WSCAH kitchen and WEME kitchen and diverted to a composting site in Brooklyn where they will be turned to soil and used for energy.

To start, most of the organics-collection action will be kept to the pantry and the kitchens, however, expect to see spiffed up recycling centers with better signage in public areas as well.

In addition to bringing the building’s activities into better harmony with the earth, the new system will yield a few other perks:

1) Will reduce quantity of trash, as most is diverted to organics.
2) Will discourage vermin as organics are kept separate in locked bins.
3) Will reduce labor needed for trash disposal.
4) Will prevent waste accumulation at collection site as cardboard and organics are picked up thrice weekly.

DSNY Organics is working with many buildings throughout the city, with some remarkable success stories, such as at Morningside Gardens. It is lovely to see how communities can come together around a desire to be better stewards of the earth. I am excited to see this play out at SP&SA, and have already been inspired by the willingness and enthusiasm of all three programs.

You can learn more about DSNY’s Organics Pilot program here. To find out more about how involved at SP&SA, contact Rosie at

– Green Team meeting tonight at 7pm in K’s office!