An Overview of Religious Divestment

This weekend I had the privilege to be on a panel called “Shifting Money, Shifting Power: Fossil Fuel Divestment and Alternative Energy Reinvestment as a Strategy for Confronting Climate Change,” presented at the 2015 Left Forum at John Jay College. I spoke about religious divestment, and mentioned the Church of St. Paul and St. Andrew! See the video below.

  • Status of the Religious Divestment Movement: 0:00 – 4:38
  • Why People of Faith Feel Called to Divest: 4:38 – 6:53
  • Resistance to Divestment (As Exemplified by the United Methodist Church) & Rebuttals: 6:52 – 11:33
  • Reasons for Resistance & Support in the Jewish Community: 11:33 – 14:04
  • A Message to People of Faith: 14:04 – 16:52

The panel also included NYU Professor Lisa DiCaprio, who shared financial reasons for divestment, and Olivia Rich, an NYU student who is active with NYU Divest. Below, please find a list of resources related to the panel!