Mission and Purpose

We believe that we are called upon to serve God through worship, fellowship, and action.  We seek to be faithful witnesses of Christ’s Gospel on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and in the world beyond, accepting John Wesley’s call to view the world as our parish.

To fulfill this mission, we commit ourselves to these tasks:

  • Nurture each other in Christian discipleship through study, worship, and fellowship.
  • Create a place of community and support in an environment that often lacks these qualities – a home for the homeless and a place where people can develop their God-given talents for humankind and for the glory of God
  • Enter into relationship with other communities of faith to deepen our understanding of God and our respect for each other and to work jointly for a just and compassionate society.
  • Encourage openness and advocate for a just and compassionate society.
  • Embrace diversity, which is God’s gift to the human family.
  • Meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people, just as Jesus did.
  • Embody the love and compassion of Jesus, and let our lives be a means of grace for others.