Dance: You Who Arrived

February 16-19, 2017

Catherine Tharin – “You Who Arrived”

Choreographer: Catherine Tharin
Dancers: Esmé Boyce, Jenny Levy, YoungHoon Oh, Susan Rainey
Lighting Designer: Jay Ryan
Composers: Richard Carrick, Richie Greene, John King,
Scott Wollschleger
Costumers: Colleen Howland, Sue Julien

The dances come from the language of my body, as well as on observations of the movements and relationships of the dancers. From this material the dancers and I build movement vocabulary and over time we come to speak the same tongue. The work expresses intimacy with the self and others, the immediate present and close past; there is a sense of continuum reaching back and moving forward. Evoked are small, secret delights and unspoken fears, the immediacy of affection, fondness, attachment, and reliance. Esmé Boyce and Susan Rainey invite the audience to visit their lives through rhythmic talk and Rilke’s poetry accompanied by Richie Greene’s silken notes in You Have Arrived. Three tender duets are the basis for the quartet, History Doesn’t End with Esmé, Jenny Levy, YoungHoon OH, and Susan danced to Brontal Symmetry by Scott Wollschleger. Two solos, one, Dark Moons, danced by a special guest to early music by John Cage and the other, Still Center, danced by Esmé to music by Cunningham composer, John King, played live, are in turns, physically demanding and spatially voracious. Also, on the program is the trio, A Natural History (seen at WET in 2015) with music by Richard Carrick. All the dances are linked in their desire to reveal quiet truths.~ Catherine Tharin.


Soaking WET

Soaking WET Sep. 22-26  is a series of choreographic evenings curated by David Parker, whose company, David Parker and The Bang Group has been the first and only resident-dance company of the West End Theatre since January 2003. Parker is committed to bringing together artists of varied backgrounds and levels of experience in order to break down aesthetic barriers and achieve mutual inspiration. The artists are united by their commitment to movement and their understanding that vigorous experimentation can take many forms. Soaking WET has received generous support from The Jerome Robbins Foundation and New York City’s Department of Cultural Affairs.

September 22-26, 2016

• Sara Hook, Rebecca Stenn, Cat Wagner, Megan Williams
• Women in Motion — Brynne Billingsley, Remi Harris and Kristin Swiat

The Soaking Wet Dance Series, curated by David Parker and produced by Jeff Kazin, opens its 2016-17 season with two programs of works by women choreographers.   (Soaking W (West)   (End) (Theatre).   Performances are Thursday through Sunday, September 22-25, with two performances daily, two different programs.
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Soaking WET Dance Series

Soaking WET is a series of choreographic evenings The intimate and friendly West End Theatre will once again play host to the Soaking WET dance series, curated by David Parker and Jeff Kazin, May 19-22, two performances, two different programs daily. The early performances will be shared by Joshua Bisset/Shuagroup and Katy Orthwein; the later shows will feature the ensembles of Larry Goldhuber and Christopher Williams. Continue reading