Booking Space

Below are descriptions of our rentable spaces. Please email our Hospitality Coordinator to discuss hosting your event at St. Paul & St. Andrew.


Our Sanctuary is a large and beautiful space where our congregation worships. It is also home to other faith communities that share our beliefs of inclusiveness and social justice. This space is ideal for concerts, weddings, and worship services. It seats 1200.

Social Hall

Our basement Social Hall is a wonderful space for events such as lectures, wedding receptions, birthday parties, b'nai mitzvah celebrations, and dinners. It includes access to a commercial kitchen. Learn more about our social hall. The small commercial kitchen includes 2 commercial stoves, a commercial dishwasher, several large fridges. Coupled with our glorious Sanctuary, our Social Hall makes St. Paul & St. Andrew is a wonderful place for weddings and celebrations. It seats 230.

Parlor & Chapel

Our building also houses two other large rooms on the first floor, the Parlor and the Chapel that are suitable for film crew holding, meetings, and receptions as well as other smaller spaces for gatherings. Our capacity ranges from 25 to 100.

West End Theatre

Lastly, we have the unique performance space, the West End Theatre, a fully equipped theater crowned by a three-story dome that allows it to be both an intimate and grand space. It seats 70.

Important Rules & Regulations for Space Users

  • Use of alcoholic beverages at an event must be approved by the Church Manager.
  • Use of tables, chairs, and A/V equipment must be approved by the Church Manager.
  • All events are to end no later than 10:00pm and we ask that in scheduling your events you allow for set-up and clean-up in your request for space use.
  • A signed agreement and deposit are required at the time of booking your event.