Soaking WET Dance Series

Soaking WET is a series of choreographic evenings The intimate and friendly West End Theatre will once again play host to the Soaking WET dance series, curated by David Parker and Jeff Kazin, May 19-22, two performances, two different programs daily. The early performances will be shared by Joshua Bisset/Shuagroup and Katy Orthwein; the later shows will feature the ensembles of Larry Goldhuber and Christopher Williams. Continue reading

You Are Now the Owner of This Suitcase

Theatre 167 presents:
You Are Now the Owner of This Suitcase
a collaboratively created play by Mando Alvarado, Jenny Lyn Bader, Barbara Cassidy, Les Hunter, Joy Tomasko, Gary Winter, and Stefanie Zadravec.
Conceived & Directed by Ari Laura Kreith

A young woman arriving in New York from Ecuador accidentally switches suitcases with a mysterious stranger. Her quest to recover this missing suitcase leads her to encounter lovers, dreamers, fighters, a magical cell phone, books that come to life, and the best guitar player in the world. 

Created by seven authors and combining magic realism with urban grit, You Are Now the Owner of This Suitcase melds multiple styles into one voice. Inspired by stories gathered on the streets of the world’s most diverse neighborhood. 

Mariana Cardenas*, Tori Ernst, Nathaniel Gotbaum, Nic Grelli*, John D. Haggerty*, Kevis Hillocks, Michael Markham*, Pooya Mohseni, Elodie Morss, Mauricio Pita, Derick James Sherrier Jr.  (*performing courtesy AEA)


Fridays at 7
Saturdays at 8
Sundays at 3 & 7
(no performance 4/22)

Tickets $18/$16 for students and seniors.

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Praise for You Are Now the Owner of This Suitcase:
“Wonderful theatre… full of humor, heart, and imagination… with highly inventive writing.” —NYTheatre
“Completely local, totally meta, quietly groundbreaking” —Create Culture
“An irreverent imaginative collage of contemporary folk tales and bumpy real life”—Brooklyn Rail
“Not to be missed”—OnVerge
“A work of constantly shifting light, always moving, transforming, reinventing itself.”—Hard Sparks blog
A Time Out NY “good odds pick”

Running time: 80 minutes

Rating: Appropriate for all ages; children welcome

Recommended for ages 4-104

About Theater 167

Born in a neighborhood where 167 languages are spoken, Theatre 167 creates, cultivates, and supports new work by artists of wide-ranging backgrounds, traditions, and beliefs. Theatre 167 experiments with form and process to create theatrical productions that celebrate a multiplicity of voices, we develop and produce new work that explores our essential humanity and builds bridges between and among our diverse communities. In 2015, Theatre 167 received the NY Innovative Theatre Foundation’s Caffe Cino Award for consistently producing outstanding work

“Adam & Eva,” and “The Further Adventures of” 2 new plays

bookmark "Adam & Eva"We Met in Dublin: TOSOS presents The Further Adventures of… and Adam & Eva

They met in Dublin, now they’re meeting again in New York.

TOSOS (The Other Side of Silence), in association with Theater 167, presents two new plays, “Adam & Eva,” by Jack McMahon and Yasmin Zadeh, and “The Further Adventures of” by Kathleen Warnock at The West End Theater at the Church of St. Paul & St. Andrew, 263 W. 86th St., for 6 performances from Nov. 16-25.

“When we took ‘The Further Adventures of’ to the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival in May, we shared the Players Theatre at Trinity College with ‘Adam & Eva’,” said TOSOS Artistic Director Mark Finley. “We loved Jack and Yasmin, and their show. So when we had a chance to work with them in NYC, we did everything we could to make it happen.”bookmark posted of The Further Adventures of"

Theater 167, a resident company at the church, stepped in to provide the space on the dark nights of their upcoming production, and the Dublin duo had a New York City home.

Directed by Eric Chase, “The Further Adventures of” starring Tim Burke, Mark Finley and Jamie Heinlein, tells the story of a little girl who grows up to be a writer (and a lesbian). Follow Maggie Day as she uncovers the story of Commander Zoron and Prince Kal in the ’50s sci-fi serial, Atlantis, 1 Million Years B.C., and learns about the actors who portrayed them, Drake Darling and Frank Gallagher, and follows their paths from a classic sci-fi show to the age of the internet, revealing hidden secrets, lost loves, and the things people couldn’t say then (and maybe even now?)

Temporary Theatre’s “Adam & Eva” is written and performed by McMahon and Zadeh, and tells the story of Adam, who wants to be a nun and Eva, who wants to be a boy. Together, the two of them navigate the coming out process, from their first visit to a gay bar to the horrific consequences of homophobia and gay-bashing.

Performances are Mon-Wed at 7pm, from Nov. 16-18, and Nov. 23-25. Tickets are available at and cash only at the door.

Company information:
TOSOS (“The Other Side of Silence”), Barry Childs, Executive Director; Mark Finley, Artistic Director; Doric Wilson, Founder, is dedicated to preserving the theatrical heritage of the LGBT community through the development of new plays by emerging artists as well as revivals of established works. Our productions honestly explore the unique LGBT experience and cultural sensibilities in a life-affirming and respectful way.