UMW – Amanda Mountain about her life as a deaconess

June 9, 2013 @ 10:15 pm – 11:15 pm
parlor at SPSA
Christie House

Have you felt God calling you to a deeper relationship–to God, to others around you, to the church? Yet, that calling doesn’t feel like a clergy role–it feels more like what you may already do: teaching, nursing, leading volunteer groups, volunteering at WSCAH, or the shelter, or tutoring, or working on Sandy Relief?

Whoa–you say, “I’m not a nun,” or, “I’m a guy, I can’t be a deaconess,” or “what’s that mean?”

They are nothing like nuns anymore. Did you know that deaconesses (female) and home missioners (male) are commissioned offices of the church (somewhat like missionary commissioning), but are LAY ministry callings under United Methodist Women? Did you know that they are connected to their annual conferences, and serve as voting lay delegates at annual conference, much like clergy belong to an annual conference? And did you know that they serve in a wide variety of professional callings, from medical work, to teaching, writing, translating, general agency and annual conference positions–and volunteer coordinators, and editors, and a whole host of interesting things?

A number of SPSA members probably have a good deal of the educational and service requirements already for this commission. So–are you called? Maybe Amanda can help us clarify a nudging, a desire to express a deeper commitment to God’s ministry, but one in which the clergy role doesn’t quite feel right. Come and find out.

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