Two Companies, One Stage

June 3, 2016 @ 7:30 pm
West End Theatre

metaphors&similesDANCE and NSquared

Rachel M Hettinger
Michaela McGowan
Rae-Ann Thomas
Erin Love
Jordyn Santiago
Amara Barner
Amanda Reichert
Annie Saeugling
Kristina Desjardins
Maho Takeshita
NSquared Dance Dancers:
Nick Neagle
Zackery Betty
Marisa E. Martin
Stephanie Noble
Nicole Osteerrieder
Chisato Yanagisawa
Danielle Zins

Nick Neagle
Founded in 2014, NSquared Dance is a contemporary dance company creating art in New York City. Described as having an “undeniable flavor,” we create narrative-driven works with a wide range of movement qualities. Our repetoire is rooted in strong technique, but shows our dancers’ abilities to move expressively. Mostly, we like the work to speak for itself; enjoy our “off-kilter stories!”

Rachel M. Hettinger

Rachel M. Hettinger, Artistic Director of metaphors&similesDANCE, creates athletic, musical choreography that relates to a widely varying audience. Rachel is on faculty at Peridance Capezio Center and guest faculty at Broadway Dance Center.
Guest choreographer: Michaela McGowan