SPSA is dedicated to building a bridge between the United Methodist Church, Christian traditions, and our brothers and sisters of other religions and faith traditions– Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and others — as well as other Christian denominations. We continually create new initatives and continue ongoing programs to help bring more understanding between members of our own congregation and members of other faiths.  Some programs are collaborative efforts to help support a particular cause or  bring greater awareness to an area of social justice. We are also host to many groups  from different faiths who use our space for their programs, which contributes to the universal spirit of our church.

Interfaith programs have included:

  • Annual Thankgiving Interfaith Worship
  • Interfaith Potlucks including our PeaceFeast, HarvestFest, and GreenFeast
  • Break Fast hosted by SPSA for our Jewish and Muslim brothers and sisters when Yom Kipper and Ramadan coincided
  • Universal Peace Day to Commemorate Hiroshima
  • Prayers for Peace in Tibet
  • Interfaith Storytelling
  • visits to  other Houses of Worship
  • pulpit exchanges

…and many other joint worship experiences, lectures, films, and fellowship opportunities throughout the year.

By educating ourselves and others about the differences and the commonalities within and between our religions, we can begin to practice respect and acceptance of one another.