Instructions for this site

There’s lots of information on the basics of WordPress:

Specific to this website


  1. Since many events recur it’s easiest to find the previous year’s similar event and clone to draft.
  2. Choose appropriate categories (which can and are used to display just pertinent events on different pages).
  3. Important and major event tags are displayed in the sidebar of most pages (when Upcoming and Major Events implemented. This widget should be hidden if calendar is out of date. .
  4. The calendar is at . Calendar should be added to the menu when it is up to date (and hidden if not up to date).

Sermons are posts with a category of  the pastor’s sermons. This will automagically post the sermons on their sermon page. Audio should be minified. Video should be posted to YouTube or Vimeo (as our server doesn’t have the horsepower).

Theatre happennings are posts and if time permits should also be events that link to the post. (This is due to the normally complex scheduling of Theater happenings which usually involve multiple events in the events calendar as they usually have different times for weekends and weeknights. Updating multiple events quickly becomes problematic. Also the post format works well details involved and gets the happening displayed on our latest post section in the sidebar of most pages). John Mikal should be the author for most theatre stuff.

Updates (our monthly newsletter): Updates are published as letter sized pdfs on the update page and then the link is corrected in widgets. Emails (to prevent spamming) and children’s names and birthdays (for privacy) should be removed.

Common errors:

The SPSA website is outward facing meaning the whole world will see it.
Write for new and potential members and the community, not the proverbial (or actual) choir. Writing for the rest of the world means:

  • Avoid abbreviations. SPSA is probably about it. If something is commonly known by its acronym spell it out too. UMC (United Methodist Church) for example.
  • More details are generally better.
  • Include contact info or call to action (how to join, what to do). In lieu of anything better just link to the contact page with contact us for more information.

And some general things that I take issue with on much web work.

  • Short, punchy paragraphs and lists are more easily read online than long paragraphs.
  • Avoid custom formatting. Use the paragraph and headings to draw attention to  sections and bold and/or italics for emphasis of particular wordsUnderlining should not be used for emphasis as underlining is often used for links online.
  • Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but pictures can’t be found be search engines, read by screen readers…so pictures should not be the only place that conveys essential information.
  • Pdfs are better than pictures but worse than web pages.
  • Word docs, excel spreadsheets and other specialized file formats should not be used.
  • Respect the home page. If something is important enough to warrant home page space add a headline and at most a short blurb with a link to an interior page, event or post.
  • The proof is in the pudding. Review the actual page. If you’re doing something different check it on a phone too.
  • Don’t be vain. If you are posting for someone else give them authorship using the author section. Preachers should be the author of their sermons, Jon Mikel for most Theatre stuff…

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