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Ministry for adults at SPSA is more than just a faith journey it’s an exciting ride!

From all the things that we do, what we do best is celebrate the joy of serving as the body of Christ!

There is never a dull moment and a many ways to get involved.

From our tutoring program, women’s shelter, reconciling ministries work, fellowship, bible studies, activism and  more~ SPSA truly is a place to put your faith into action.adults 3

Just as the members of the early church were empowered by the Holy Spirit to witness through their words and actions to God’s inclusive love, God’s spirit calls us to spread the Good News and to embrace the peace, justice and abounding grace of Jesus’ life and ministry.adults

We are constantly renewed by the power of God’s spirit and by the talents, gifts and energy of those who come here.

So if you are looking to grow, nurture and continue to deepen your faith we hope that you’ll consider SPSA as your spiritual home.

Come visit. We’ll be glad you did!