Young Adults

Who We Are…

We are a welcoming community, committed to being inclusive and supportive. We are actively engaged in fellowship, open dialogue, spiritual growth, social action and working with our community.

What We Want To Accomplish…

Our group seeks to be a:




A space for spiritual growth,

A fun community, and

A progressive community of faith;

while providing the opportunity to develop individual potential. We will continue to foster and develop a community that is proactively involved in fellowship, providing support and being inclusive.

How We Accomplish Our Goals…

By being an active part of the communities in which we are a part. Members of our ministry sing in the choir, lead worship, read the Scriptures, play a variety of instruments in worship, teach Sunday School to the kids, help with the Youth Ministry, and are very involved in every aspect of our life as a church.

There are young adults in the volunteering with and on the board of West Side Campaign Against Hunger. Others are helping with the women’s shelter, volunteering as tutors in the Tutoring Program, and performing in one of our Arts Outreach programs.

Every year, young adults join one of the many work and mission trips available through our local church or our Annual Conference. Some of our members work for different divisions of the United Methodist Church, and still others work with ecumenical or interreligious organizations.

Young Adults leadership:

Jessica Rodriguez, YA Committee Chairperson
Julie Nelson, YA Committee
Liz Schoen, YA Committee