Environmental Stewardship

With atmospheric CO2 surpassing 400ppm for the first time in millions of years and waste entering the environment by the millions of tons, humanity now faces an unprecedented threat to the only habitat that we have.

church garden 2013

church garden Summer 2013

At SP&SA we believe that standing up for the great gift of creation is more than a moral and social justice imperative: it is an expression of praise and gratitude for God and all that God has made. In step with our spiritual commitment to nurture and protect our earth, we are taking comprehensive measures to green” our church space, and have created many opportunities for the community to take a stand for the planet. Through God all things are possible.

 Greening Our Church

At SP&SA we are dedicated to making our building a living testament to the earth we cherish and protect.

  • Compost – Our building recently signed up with the NYC Organics Pilot Program, which will divert all organic waste to composting centers. This is a big step forward, and we are excited to work with the city on this endeavor.
  • Carbon Emissions Reduction – Our Green Team is currently raising the funds to pay for an energy audit, which can then be applied toward reducing building energy use. We are also investigating renewable energy options.
  • Gardens & Urban Permaculture – SP&SA’s courtyard is now home to a new garden that is growing food such as tomatoes and herbs. We are introducing vermicomposting centers, planning rooftop & indoor gardening projects, and exploring other urban permaculture possbilities.
  • Ministry – We preach what we practice and are incorporating earth care into our services and activities. Read Rosina Pohlmann’s Sermon from August 4th, 2013, Green Abundance and follow The Green Blog.

Community Stewardship

Be a steward of the earth! There are many ways SP&SA’s congregation and the greater community may participate in our stewarding efforts, whether by attending our Green Events, taking on a leadership role on our Green Team, or participating in our Stewardship Challenge:

  • Stewardship Challenge – The Stewardship Challenge is a fun and flexible way to make a difference. Participants choose stewardship actions from a comprehensive list of possibilities, such as composting, adopting energy saving habits and eating green. Participants rack up points as they go, which can then be exchanged for rewards. When a participant chooses an action, the Green Team will provide him/her with a resource kit and guidance. The Challenge is adaptable for other congregations and communities, so feel free to contact the Green Team if you wish to use it!

To participate in our Stewardship Challenge, or to stay in the loop with information about upcoming events, tips and resources for protecting the planet, and important happenings in the stewardship movement, please fill out the form below.

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He maketh me to lie in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

– from Psalm 23