The Inklings of Activity

It is January, and the face of the earth is barren and dead. A blizzard is sweeping across the city as I write, the temperature dropping into the inhospitable negatives. Outwardly, this appears to be the most lifeless time of the year. Inwardly, however, it is the most lively: the soil is a hotbed of activity as seeds prepare to unfurl, wriggling, growing and trading information with the soil and each other.

Likewise, the SP&SA Green Team is preparing for an abundant season of new activity and life.

A current of view of Riverside Park.

A current of view of Riverside Park.

After months of discussion, our DSNY Organics composting project kicks off this Spring. With the results of a recent energy audit, we have the information we need to improve our energy efficiency. Connections with other community groups, such as Earth Matter and the Broadway Green Alliance, promise a wealth of activities and events.

– We prepare for an informational meeting with DSNY, to be held the last week of January. Contact the Green Team if you wish to attend.
– We begin reaching out to local green groups. If you know of any, please let us know!