Compost for Lent!

To celebrate the building-wide composting program set to launch March 3rd, the Green Team is proposing a special at-home composting challenge for Lent 2014. Details are below. Please let us know if you would like to participate in the challenge, and feel free to invite others to join as well!

The challenge is simply to compost all organic waste for the duration of Lent. For those who do not compost at home, the easiest way to do so is:

1. Clear some space in your freezer.
2. Collect acceptable organic waste in a plastic bag or container throughout the week and store in freezer.
3. Choose a day when you will take the waste to a local Greenmarket that collects organics. They ALSO will recycle your plastic bag(s) on site. How awesome is that?! Pick up some local fruits or veggies while you’re at it!

Lent is a time when Christians are encouraged to give up a habit, comfort or dependency in an effort to emulate the 40 days that Jesus resisted temptation in the desert. It is an opportunity to establish a deeper connection to God as our lifestyles suffer a challenging shift.

The Green Team believes that this shift is analogous to the lifesyle changes that we are called to make as caring citizens of our planet, and so we are inviting the community to join us in a Lenten challenge that will deepen our awareness of our place in God’s ecology and celebrate the start of a wonderful step forward for the Church building.

Compost and your scraps could be this chicken's lunch! Look at how happy he is.

Compost and your scraps could be this chicken’s lunch! Look at how happy he is.

If you want to participate in Lent this year but do not yet know what to do, or are not feeling inspired by your current choice, I whole-heartedly encourage you to join in.

Contact to let us know if you are joining the challenge!