UMW RESPONSE magazine article about Rosie Pohlmann

The UMW national RESPONSE magazine for January 2015 has an article about Rosie Pohlmann entitled “Making It Happen: Environmental Justice” by SHIRLEY STRUCHEN telling how Rosie Pohlmann and SPSA’s Green Team work for climate justice on small and large scales and  also  “create a bottle cap tree” from the “This & That…More Than A Cookbook” which you can order from SPSA UMW.

Read the article “Making It Happen: Environmental Justice” as a pdf.

See video on how to create a bottle cap tree.

United Methodist Women at the Church of Sc Paul and Sc Andrew, a United Methodist Church in New York City, was delighted to send Rosie Pohlmann, one of our young adults, to Assembly 2014 in Louisville, Kentucky, in April 2014.

Ms, Pohlmann founded the United Methodist Women Green T earn at the church in 2013. Creating the team was a culmination of her faith, a lifelong, deeply spiritual love for nature, and a growing panic about the environment. Attending Assembly 2014 helped deep-en that love and encourage her commitment to environmental justice.

“The United Methodist Women Assembly connected the dots between social justice, racial justice and climate justice,” she said. “United Methodist Women showed models of environmental groups motivating people from a place of love and taking a strong, active stance on climate justice. The women moved us forward in a joyful, infectious manner. The optimistic~ active spirit that I witnessed at Assembly has stayed with me in the months since, and I always try to embody it when I do anything with our Green Team.”

In college Ms. Pohlmann began paying attention ro the serious impacts of climate change, and she felt called to take a stand. To address environmental justice from within the church was an obvious choice as a Christian.

“With the help of my congregation and other members of the community, we have made some great strides for-ward, tram building-wide composting, to community farm-to-table meals, to incorporating the message of earth stewardship more regularly into our ministry,” she said. “We also took an ac-tive role in the People’s Climate March September 21, as a visual commitment to act now for climate justice. I must also add that the phenomenon of women being at the forefront of a movement to respect Marner Earth is incredibly powerful.”