25-in-5 Campaign

Our beloved church needs some fixing! We want it to be a secure place inside and outside as we continue doing the work of God.

We have done some thoughtful work with our trustees, our architects, and our space partners, staying focused on our mission and our physical location here on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

As a result of that work and our commitment to ensuring that this location continues to be available as a home for all, we are moving into a period of raising $25 million in 5 years.

We will repair the roof, secure the exterior terracotta, work on updating outside lighting, replacing doors, and checking all windows for repair and safety. The sanctuary will be painted and updated for accessibility and functionality. Our wonderful floors are just the beginning. We’ll incorporate

air-conditioning and more energy efficient measures. The theater will be upgraded with bathrooms, rehearsal area and office space.

This is an ambitious but attainable goal, with help from you and from SPSA’s many friends and partners.

$25 million in 5 years – what does that mean? $25MM will cover projects to make this space safe, stable, comfortable, energy efficient, and functional. It includes:

  • Complete roof repair and priority terracotta restoration - $7 million
  • Sanctuary and 1st floor air conditioning and other energy efficiency- $2.5 million
  • Sanctuary function and accessibility - refurbish stained glass and other windows, entry way, worship space, ramp, flooring, lighting, painting, pews- $5 million
  • Exterior - outside lighting, door frames and doors - $8 million
  • Theater renovation - additional bathrooms, foyer, offices, backstage, rehearsal, and storage space - $2.5 million

Why does fixing the building matter? We are a congregation committed to justice and reconciliation for all persons, regardless of age, race, economic or marital status, gender or sexual orientation. Having a functional space allows Our Love in Action work to continue through our many ministries of social justice and concern for our neighbors, our city and our country. Worship at SPSA is spiritual, intimate, celebratory, reflective, provocative, and inclusive.

In Community we put our faith in action in many ways, providing:

  • Volunteer-staffed tutoring for local school children
  • The West Side Campaign Against Hunger (WSCAH) food pantry
  • Interfaith celebration and sharing and partnership on projects with B’nai Jeshurun
  • Active work to make United Methodism LGBTQ-inclusive and affirming
  • Action and fellowship through United Women in Faith (formerly UMW)
  • Young Adult meetings
  • Artistic expression through our choir; and the Theater – where we offer a home for theater companies
  • Sanctuary
  • Vacation Bible School

We also provide space to other faith-based communities and theater and community organizations.

How can you help? This is a big undertaking, and we need your ideas and your support as you are able.

Ideas: We cannot do this alone. To raise these funds, we will need to reach out to our partners, foundations, and other grant-making organizations. Who do you know who might be able to assist us? Do you have connections with any grant making organizations? Are you aware of people or organizations in our community who could help?

Support: We are asking for every member of our congregation to support this effort as they are able. We will be asked by future funders if the congregation is behind this initiative. Your support at any level – big or small – helps tell the story that SPSA is committed to continuing to put our faith in action, to providing space for our community and sanctuary for those who need it here on the upper West Side of Manhattan.

Join us as we continue to build a community of radical welcome that follows Jesus into the streets of the city to increase the amount of love and justice in the world.

If you are interested in transferring stock: email Brent@stpaulandstandrew.org

Checks payable and sent to:

St Paul & St Andrew UMC  263 West 86th St

New York, NY 10024


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