Statement on the Derrick Chauvin Verdict

The anxious days and minutes of awaiting a verdict in the Chauvin trial made us aware of how little we expect accountability in our justice system.  A verdict that confirmed what the whole world had witnessed left us more convinced than ever that the entire system must change.  This moment of consequence for the theft of a black life did not return George Floyd to his family and community, and our world.  Accountability is vital, but it is not the same as justice. 

In the wake of that verdict, we are confronted with how weary we are and how far we must still go to realize God’s justice.  God is calling out to us all, equipping us and renewing us with resurrection power, to live lives proclaiming love and creating justice.  We have work to do.

Rev. K Karpen and Rev. Lea Matthews, pastors 
St Paul & St Andrew United Methodist Church