Connect & Care Groups

“Bear one another’s burdens and in this way fulfill the law of Christ,” writes Paul to the community in Galatia.

Life in a pandemic has asked us to think creatively about how to stay deeply and intentionally connected with our church family.  We draw wisdom and inspiration from the early Christian communities, who fiercely struggled to become and then live as one.  They knew well the challenge of being a collective expression of the Body of Christ. 

They had to learn to be together, even when they couldn’t be physically together.  It’s why Paul wrote letters to begin with.  And thank God he did!  They needed to stay in touch with each other, remain a part of a larger whole, to draw energy and encouragement, to cultivate focus and faith.  They needed each other. 

We need each other, too.  Taking inspiration from St. Paul and the early Christian communities, we created Connect & Care groups.  These are intergenerational small groups with an appointed lay leader who will serve as a facilitator and convener.  Each group has about 12 people in it.  The groups keep in touch throughout the week on email.  And each Sunday, they get together on Zoom.  Sunday Sessions are a time to reflect on the worship service, share with each other about our lives, pray, and take communion.  

All are welcome to join this essential ministry of the church!  If you would like to join a new group, please email Pastor Lea at