Digital Worship for July 26, 2020

Facing Apocalypse: Climate, Democracy, and Other Last Chances

Eighth Sunday after Pentecost
Today’s Reading: Revelation 5:1–8:13

Have you noticed–there’s a lot of apocalypse swirling around these days? Not just fundamentalists waiting to get raptured out of the world. But responsible folk scared for the world: oh, the creepy mix of pandemic, racism, crisis of democracy, global warming… etc. Yipe.

Apocalypse may be just what we need. But NOT if we think it means The End of the World. That is a deadly misreading of the Bible. Whatever ends, it isn’t “the world.” We need to get word out: the word “apocalypse” means “revelation”, not annihilation. It means disclosure, not closing down! Opening eyes! Opening lives!

Even with that pale green horse of pestilence trotting back through our city? -Catherine Keller

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