Digital Worship for May 31, 2020

Blown Away

Today’s Reading: Acts 2: 1-21

All were amazed and perplexed, saying to each other, “What does this mean?” But others said, “They are filled with new wine.” Acts 2:12-13

The different reactions that the people of Jerusalem have to the outpouring of the Spirit on the apostles at Pentecost remind me of what is happening today. Each of us has a different way of reacting, and coping with, and talking about the crisis we are living through. And most of us are pretty quick to judge everyone else!

“She won’t even come out of the house!'”
“That biker isn’t wearing a mask!”
“He’s posting too much stuff.”
“I haven’t heard anything out of her.”
“What part of sheltering in place don’t they understand?”

We’re even judging ourselves.

Here is something to remember. We are each trying to make it through a really difficult time. On top of a global pandemic, we have constant reminders of racial injustice, economic disparities, governmental incompetence, and more, to deal with. We need to try and be kind to each other, show some grace, some patience, some generosity of spirit. Generosity of spirit, after all, is what Pentecost is all about! And God is still bestowing the Spirit on each of us, generously, and in a unique way.

I love each of you strangely unique people!

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