Do I Want To Be Like Jesus In My Heart?


For better, or for worse (probably for worse if we’re being honest) human beings are deeply jealous creatures. We want what the other person has, what we have isn’t enough, bigger better, shinier, newer, it’s all anyone can talk about. It’s what our society is driving us towards. Luckily, we are not alone in this desire, or temptation for more, or for what everyone else has, as we will be reminded in our Hebrew Scripture for this week, where we will hang out with the Israelites as they are going through a significant political (maybe) transition. Then, in our Gospel lesson we will see how Jesus is no stranger to the expectations and wants or desires that other put on him.

I’m always curious as to how Jesus responds to the expectations of others. Parables can be confusing but begrudgingly, there’s some teaching for us in there.

This weekend, the New York Annual Conference will be meeting up in Connecticut so K, Lea, Aurora and some of our typical suspects will be up representing St. Paul & St. Andrew and furthering the witness and justice work of this flavor of the Methodist movement. Our prayers go with them and with the whole conference.

Our school years are winding down, the daylight is persisting into the evening, window a/c units are going in, summer in on our heels! I’m excited as always to be with you all in all of the ways that we can be together. As I sermonize this week a song that’s on my mind is “I Wanna Be Like You” from the Jungle Book. Enjoy!

See you Sunday,
Pastor Ekama

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