April 27, 2016 @ 7:30 pm
263 W 86th St
New York, NY 10024
Lea Mathews

Author of On the Mystery: Discerning Divinity in Process.

Catherine Keller is the Professor of Constructive Theology at The Theological School at Drew University. In her teaching, lecturing and writing, she develops the relational potential of a theology of becoming. Her books reconfigure ancient symbols of divinity for the sake of a planetary conviviality—a life together, across vast webs of difference. Thriving in the interplay of ecological and gender politics, of process cosmology, poststructuralist philosophy and religious pluralism, her work is both deconstructive and constructive in strategy.
Dr. Keller has taught since 1986 in the Theological and Philosophical Studies Area of Drew’s Graduate Division of Religion. After studies in Heidelberg and in seminary, she did her doctoral work at Claremont Graduate University with John B. Cobb, Jr., and remains involved with the Center for Process Studies. She has written many books, lectures internationally, and is considered by Gary Dorrien to be “our most creative and profound
theologian today.” She is also a member of SPSA!

April 27th and May 4th, 7:15 pm, Dr. Keller will hold two workshops on theological thinking, using her book, On the Mystery: Discerning Divinity in Process. A look at the chapter titles reveals the text’s aim to redeem theology from conventional categories and get at the heart of personal search and engagement with the mystery.
Ch.1. Truth as Process: The Shrug and the Shibboleth
Ch.2. Revelation as Process: Speaking the Unspeakable
Ch.3. Creation as Process: ‘Be This Fish’
Ch.4. Power as Process: Omnipotence or Vulnerability?
Ch.5. Christ as Process: Inviting Passion
Ch.6. Agape as Process: Just Love
SPSA is blessed to have Dr. Keller in our community, and these workshops will give us a chance to learn from her wisdom and connect to a spiritual resource sitting right next to us in the pew. Mark your calendars, and pick up a copy of her book at Coffee Hour. Contact Lea or us to learn more

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