Bring together a couple hundred New Yorkers and you end up with folks from across the country and the world. We are artists, activists, journalists, musicians and actors; we are students; we lead non-profits and work at museums; we are engineers and lawyers and college administrators and teachers; we raise children and volunteer in our retirement days.

So sometimes we just want to be together for fun (well, and food). Throughout the year we gather for potlucks at the parsonage: for pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, to decorate Easter Eggs on Palm Sunday, to share our bounty before Thanksgiving. Spring and Fall find us in retreat at two amazing Victorian homes on Shelter Island; in the Spring many of the women in our community venture upstate for their own weekend of retreat and companionship.

Occasionally we organize ourselves for Dinners for 8—a chance to meet others over potluck in someone’s home. Summer days and evenings are filled with our much-loved “Summer in the City” gatherings where we learn from each other, through bird walks in Central Park, brewery tours in the boroughs, all-night bike rides; walking tours through Chinatown and the financial district; cooking classes; stand-up comedy nights; and much, much more. An annual highlight is the courtyard potluck, cookout and Hymn Sing.