Fun’s A Poppin!

Summer Pop-Up Events for Kids & Youth

This summer, we are reimagining the way we connect with kids, youth, and families.  The church building is still in use as a warehouse and distribution center for the West Side Campaign Against Hunger.  We want that essential work to continue.  But running a fully-fledged Vacation Bible School in the building at the same time as WSCAH is at work is just not possible.  Last year, our Virtual VBS was a hit, but this year, we are all a little Zoomed out.  We are craving time together.  So this July and August, fun’s a poppin’!  We’ll spread the fun out over the summer, with a variety of times and days for activities, so more kids, youth, and families can come together and have fun.  Get ready….you don’t want to miss any of it!

Sat. July 3 at 1pm: Mets vs. Yankees Game | Register

Fri. July 9 from 9am – 1pm: Field Day | Register

Sat. July 31 from 1 – 5pm: Pottery Class | Register

Wed. Aug. 11 from 5:30 – 8pm: Courtyard Cookout & Game Night | Register

Sun. Aug. 22 from 11am – 2pm: Picnic & Scavenger Hunt | Register