House Calls

Wine & Wisdom
“Eat food with gladness and drink wine with joy…” 
Ecclesiastes 9 


We are launching a new program called, “House Calls”, as part of our effort to move the church beyond our walls.

K will travel to different homes around the city where people will gather for an evening of learning, conversation and fellowship.

The first series of House Calls will focus on the wisdom literature of the Bible.  he wisdom tradition, which runs through books like Job, the Psalms, Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon, focuses not so much on theological questions as ethical and existential ones.  Why am I here? How should I live?  How do I make choices, set up a good life, live in community, relate to my neighbors, deal with my kids?

We invite you to gather at one of these places as we sip wine (or grape juice!), connect with each other and learn about this powerful tradition.

Here’s the schedule.  Pick one!

Monday, February 29, The Village – 7-9pm
Sunday, March 6, Riverdale- 6-8pm
Monday, March 7, Upper West Side (& another date)- 7-9pm
Monday, March 14, Upper East Side- 7-9pm
Monday March 21, Washington Heights- 7-9pm

To sign up for any, contact pastor to Lea Matthews or contact us.

We thank Julia Reidhead, Emily Stropp, Mark & Mary Ellen Kris, Vicki Clark & Tom Reidy, Lea Matthews & Rachel Black and Karen Collins & David Wilmann for agreeing to host these wonderful gatherings.