We Need your Input!

As you may have heard from previous announcements or communications, we are currently undergoing a Pre-Campaign Study that is being administered by Ruotolo Associates, a philanthropic counselor we have retained.

Our church facilities are in need of significant repairs and upgrades to better serve our community and continue our work of increasing the amount of love and justice in the world. To accomplish these repairs, a capital campaign will be needed. A pre-campaign study is an assessment of a church community’s willingness, feasibility, and capacity to move forward with a capital fundraising endeavor.

We want to gauge your thoughts and feedback regarding the proposed projects and as well as gather some key data to help us determine our plan to move forward. To do so, Ruotolo Associates has developed a survey which is available to our entire community. Would you take a few moments to click on the link below and provide your input? The insights and perspectives of our entire community, near and far, are extremely valuable .With higher participation, our results will be more accurate and help us better plan for the work ahead.

Please know this is completely confidential and Ruotolo Associates will directly receive all responses. We ask that you please complete ONE survey per household.

Survey closes Friday, September 1, 2023.