LGBTQ Advocacy

LGBTQ persons are affirmed at every level of our ministry, including our leadership and our marriage policies. St. Paul & St. Andrew’s commitment to full inclusion goes against our denomination's discriminatory policies that have been in place since 1972.

St. Paul & St. Andrew has a long and brave history of being in full and unequivocal support of LGBTQ persons. It became a “reconciling congregation” over 25 years ago, which meant that as a church community, they decided that all persons would be welcomed into the full life of the church, without restriction. St. Paul & St. Andrew, at that same time, became a regular participant in the Gay Pride Parade, to put a public witness to its deeply held value that LGBTQ persons are beloved children of God and should be able to follow God’s call into the ministry, hold any leadership position in the life of the church, and marry, should they choose to.

The rainbow flag became part of the logo for the church and was internalized as an integral part of the community’s culture. Not only would St. Paul & St. Andrew welcome all, it determined to openly fight against the denomination’s harmful policies. The church hired out pastors, including the current Associate Pastor, Rev. Lea Matthews, and gladly officiates weddings for same gender-loving couples. The church has participated in demonstrations at the General Conference in 2016, the Judicial Council in January 2017, and every time it gathers with our own New York Annual Conference. We are active in Methodists in New Direction and full supporters of the Queer Clergy Caucus. We affirm our baptismal vow to “accept the freedom and power God gives us to resist evil, injustice, and oppression in whatever forms they present themselves,” even if they are in our very own denomination.

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