Moving into the next months together. Can you help us?

Dear Friends,

We have been so lucky to be able to be outdoors nearly every Sunday, worshipping safely, and giving witness to the gospel of love and justice!  But we know that cooler weather is on the way.  And we need some help right away.

We at St Paul & St Andrew are working hard to be able to move into our beautiful sanctuary come November, and to continue to livestream and record the services for those who cannot be here in person.

Currently, 80-100 of us gather in person out in the street each Sunday, with a couple of hundred more of us watching on YouTube.  We want to be able to continue to meet the spiritual yearnings and need for community felt by each one of us in these days of peril and promise.

Here’s we are doing:

Renovation of the Sanctuary Space:  As you know, eighteen months of sorting and packing emergency food took its toll on the carpet, walls and pews.  This experience has also taught us the need to make the space more flexible.  So, we removed the carpet, refinished the floor, installed wheels to make the pews moveable, and are plastering/painting walls, refurbishing pews and repairing some windows.

Total cost of this project: $64,600.

Livestream of the Services: With help from our friends at B’nai Jeshurun, we have identified the type of equipment we need to enable us to livestream the services from the sanctuary. This includes cameras, computer, software and new Wi-Fi connections.  Total cost: $21,300.

With all this in mind, we hope to raise funds to cover all or most of these costs within the next several weeks.  Our friends at the United Methodist City Society have already responded to our need with a grant of $5000.  We hope we can work together to come up with the rest!

Thank you for your help, and your faithfulness,

K & Lea
For the Finance Committee and Trustees



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