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Travel Lightly

If you are like me, you are carrying a lot right now. A lot of anxiety about the state of our nation. Concern for those in the path of war and violence. Stress about our planet, as a warming climate threatens more and more dramatic weather events. Money worries, health worries, worries about loved ones.

Radical Attempt

Friends, this Sunday is a high holy day for us-- It's Pride! We'll reflect together about how being in relationship with queerness blesses us, grows us, and connects us to transformative possibilities.

If It Doesn’t Fit, Don’t Wear It

How often do we get placed into situations and expectations that are just not us? And how hard it is, then, to know and claim who we really are!

Making Space For Grace

Sunday will be special! First, it's the 'official' kickoff to our Capital Campaign to 'rebuild the walls' (and, more particularly the roof!) of St. Paul & St. Andrew.

Do I Want To Be Like Jesus In My Heart?

For better, or for worse (probably for worse if we’re being honest) human beings are deeply jealous creatures.

Which Way’s Up

I have a notoriously substandard sense of direction. This always distresses my dad, a Navy submariner who is gifted with an internal GPS.

Raise Your Words

As Julia Tulloch so cleverly put it last week, we are no longer mere Easter People, but Pentecost People.

Catching Fire

Pentecost! The birthday of the church! Pentecost! That day when nothing happened. Until everything happened.

Need a Lift?

I am naturally optimistic. Still, when we arrived at General Conference two weeks ago, I felt a sense of dread climbing up my spine.

Love Dares

Yesterday we received amazing, wonderful, "pinch me it's so fabulous news" from K and Lea and Aurora at General Conference. LOVE WINS!

On the Road Again

This week we jump ahead in the lectionary to what will be the early days of forming Christ’s church in the world.

The Last ‘Come To Jesus’ Meeting

A few years back, we did a little exploration of the question, 'What's a church for?' It was a provocative question, and we came up with some interesting answers.

What Did We See?

When it comes to the Risen Christ, it seems like believing is seeing. Walking on the road to Emmaus that evening of Easter, two disciples encounter Jesus. But, of course, they don't recognize him.

Unlock Your Doors

While Easter Sunday is a once a year event, the Easter season lasts 50 days. Over the course of these 50 days we'll be thinking as a community about how to be Easter people in a hurting world.

PDI: Public Displays of Imperfection

Sunday, we mark the time when Jesus makes his final entrance into Jerusalem.  We will wave palms, shout our hosannas, pray, and give praise to the One who comes in the name of the Lord.

Time In the Dark

People have been puzzling out the meaning of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus since the moment it happened.

Look at it!

Yikes! If I got bitten by a snake, I’m not sure I’d go to Moses for a cure. But I have felt strangely drawn to this scripture lately.

Faithful Disobedience

The congregation that became St. Paul & St. Andrew officially began on March 5, 1835! So, at worship this Sunday we will celebrate turning 189 years old by singing, praising, praying and dedicating the restored stained-glass window, 'Paul Before Agrippa'.

The Cross That Sets Us Free

At first glance, this invitation of Jesus seems anything but inviting. Deny myself? How do I do that? Take up my cross?

The Wonder In the Wandering

I remember when I was a teenager, watching one of my favorite TV programs, Designing Women. In one particular episode, the inimitable character, Julia Sugarbaker, sang this hymn at her friend, Charlene's, church.