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What Are You Doing Here?

What are we doing here? Here in this church, here in this city, here on this planet? That's a question I hear God asking me, from time to time: "K, what are you doing here?"

Mother-in-Law and Demons and Diseases, Oh My!

This short episode with the healing of Simon’s mother-in-law from Mark’s gospel challenges the ways we put wellness and productivity together.

Refugee Shabbat Havdalah

Join with your neighbors for "Refugee Shabbat Havdalah: An Interfaith Gathering of Support" on February 3rd at 6:30pm at St. Paul and St. Andrew UMC.

A Spiritual Call & Response for Palestine

Each year, an ecumenical group of Christians has come together to collaboratively develop a prayer and action service, recognizing World Day of Prayer.

Through the Roof!

What is a 'community of faith'? We toss that phase around, but do we think about what it means?

Through the Roof!

What is a 'community of faith'? We toss that phase around, but do we think about what it means?

Called Out of Ourselves

We talk a lot in church about calling. Experiencing a call to something, or away from something. A call that feels like it comes from the Holy One.

Come and See

Nathanael is skeptical about Jesus. Could this nobody from nowhere be worthy of his notice?

So What Now?

This weekend, here in the church world, is a pretty important weekend liturgically. From the anticipation of Advent to the hype of Christmas and the joy of baby Jesus being born...

Turning the World Around

New Year's Eve is really just another day. Except that it provides us with an excuse, an opportunity, to assess our life and think about the future. 

Christmas Eve

That's my own (loose) translation of what scripture tells us happened in a random stable on the outskirts of a backwater town in the ancient Jewish land of Judea...

Lessons & Carols

Friends, We've waited all year - it's almost here! The cherished St Paul & St Andrew Service of Lessons & Carols, that is!

Second Sunday of Advent

Friends, Come this Sunday at 11am for the fabulous St. Paul St. Andrew Christmas Pageant.

First Sunday of Advent

Friends, How do you get ready for Christmas? Some, like my family, decorate the day after Thanksgiving. The tree and the wreaths and the nativities all go up, even before the official start of Advent.

Reign of Christ Sunday

It seems strange to me that in some understandings of Christianity, what matters is what you believe and not what you do.


As you may remember, "talent" (τάλαντον in Greek) originally referred to a unit of money. A very big unit of money!

Inherit Responsibly

Even before October 7th, I had picked the Joshua passage to preach on for my first sermon at St. Paul St. Andrew.

Running With the Saints

Whenever we gather in worship, we join with other followers of Jesus we cannot see. Communion is always a 'communion of saints', past, present and future - a community beyond time and space.

Back and Forth

So much of our time on this earth is planning for the future. What's for dinner? What will I wear on Sunday? What do I want to be when I grow up?

In the Beginning Is the Relationship

What does God expect of us, anyway? John Wesley came up with three 'general rules': Do no harm; Do good; Pay attention to God.