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Back and Forth

So much of our time on this earth is planning for the future. What's for dinner? What will I wear on Sunday? What do I want to be when I grow up?

In the Beginning Is the Relationship

What does God expect of us, anyway? John Wesley came up with three 'general rules': Do no harm; Do good; Pay attention to God.

Great Expectations

What does God expect of us, anyway? John Wesley came up with three 'general rules': Do no harm; Do good; Pay attention to God.

“Love in Action”

We do this work together and with God. We are called to live in community because through this holy connection, the impossible can happen!

Beloved and Betrayed

Have you ever been hurt, even to the point of feeling betrayed? (And don’t we all know what it’s like to be hurt?) If so, this Sunday’s sermon is for you.

Water From a Rock

That's the question that the Israelites ask each other as they wander, thirsty, in the wilderness. Their frustration is understandable: there is no water for them to drink...

Bread for the Journey

What do you need? That's a question that seems a bit fraught. If I'm the one doing the asking, say when someone comes to the church asking for help...

The Mercies of Traveling

With the Book of Exodus in our lectionary, it is so appropriate to leave the confines of the sanctuary for the wide open spaces of Riverside Park!

First Impressions

It’s back to school week, a season of new routines, new experiences, and first impressions for many in our community, whether heading to preschool or grad school...

Liberating Church

My three months of work on the pastoral team at St. Paull and St. Andrew’s is coming to an end this Sunday, September 3rd.

Water Works

Think about it: water is a recurrent biblical theme, from the Spirit vibrating over the watery chaos at creation, through the escape of the Israelites from slavery...

Praise Report

I would guess you did pretty good and added on easily with "Joyful, Joyful, we adore Thee," even if you got stuck afterwards.

Defying Gravity

I have a favor to ask of you, a favor intended to become a blessing for us all.

Jesus Won’t Send You To the 7-Eleven!

It’s summer and maybe you’re heading off to find an uncrowded place for vacay. The Jersey Shore? A lake? A national park? 

Be Still My Heart

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Life In the Spirit

It’s been quite a week in news headlines, hasn’t it? The groaning of creation is palpable right now, as is the fear, anxiety and despair...

When God Comes To Live With Us

It’s challenging to have houseguests in NYC. For most of us fortunate enough to have housing, our spaces are small. An extra bedroom? Probably not.

Step Out To Look In

It’s the travel season. Lots of us take advantage of the summertime to visit family and folks elsewhere, host friends or become amateur tour guides for friends visiting...

Unbinding the Children and the Rest of Us, Too

We return to the lectionary this Sunday with a reading of one of the most terrifying and triggering stories in the Bible -- the Akedah, the binding of Isaac.

Whose Pride Goeth Before the Fall?

Yet isn’t pride one of the Christian tradition’s seven deadly sins? There’s also the biblical proverb that has entered popular discourse (incorrectly)...