Roof Repair Fund Drive

Our beautiful church roof is in urgent need of immediate repair. There are problems that need to be fixed, and fixed rapidly.

We are declaring August a "Miracle Month" of fundraising, so that we can begin the needed work right away.  We hope everyone can do something, small or large, to help.  You can give online, by check or through stock gifts.

We're pleased to announce that we have a matching grant for this fund drive. Your gift will be doubled!

Our fund raising goal is $300,000, based on the following estimated costs:

  • $140,000 - initial work
  • $20,000 - soft costs
  • $30,000 - interior repairs
  • $110,000 - to begin work on Phase II

Due to the urgency of the repairs, architects have already submitted a proposal, the contractor is available and work is slated to begin in September.

Please Contribute What You Can!