Sanctuary Church

The mission of St. Paul & St. Andrew is to build a community of radical welcome that follows Jesus into the streets to increase the amount of love and justice in the world.

We are committed to fighting for the empowerment of the last, the lost, and the least. It is this value that drives our work towards LGBTQ+ inclusion, racial justice, gender equity, interfaith partnership, and immigrant rights. We firmly believe that Jesus calls us to stand with those most vulnerable. We will not turn our backs on our neighbors, for we are to love our neighbors as ourselves. We put our love into action.

Now, that love takes the shape of sanctuary. We are a “safe space.” We have prayerfully discerned and committed to providing physical sanctuary for persons who are targeted by Immigration Customs Enforcement. As a Christian community, we follow Jesus and not unjust and racist laws set to tear families apart, rip neighbor from community, and deny people their own humanity.

We are currently providing sanctuary to our friend and neighbor, Debora, and her family. They are being threatened with separation, as Debora is under an order of deportation.  Her two kids, a two-year-old and a ten-year-old, would lose their mother.  The order, if acted on, would separate her from her husband. As Rev. Dr. K Karpen, Senior Pastor, says, “Families are being torn apart, not just on our border with Mexico, but all over this country.  It's time for us, the church, to stand up and put ourselves on the line and say, this is wrong and it needs to stop.  And be willing to pay the cost for doing that.  We need to follow Jesus, not random racist laws.  These immigrants are our neighbors, and the Bible is pretty clear about what to do for our neighbors.”

This is wrong.  We stand with our friend.  We stand with her family.  Rev. Lea Matthews, Associate Pastor, explains, “as a Christian, I follow Jesus, a refugee, who was forced to migrate and depended on others to make room for him and for his family when his own government set to tear them apart. We, at St. Paul & St. Andrew, are called to be Christian community and follow that example. It is one way in which we materially, physically, and spiritually increase the amount of love and justice in this world.”

It is our belief and our call to stand with Jesus as we "love our neighbors as ourselves."


Sign this petition to ask ICE Director, Thomas Decker, to let Debora go back to her kids, her husband, her family, her church and her community.


We need your help to continue this important work. Designate Sanctuary.


Rev. Dr. K Karpen
Senior Pastor

Rev. Lea Matthews
Associate Pastor

Sara Gozalo
Program Director of New Sanctuary Coalition