From Your Pastors: Supporting Essential Ministries in Times of Need

‘Lot of fear’: Coronavirus pandemic compounds dire situation for poor Americans

By 8 a.m. on Wednesday, the line outside St. Paul and St. Andrew United Methodist Church in New York City stretched around the block.

But this wasn’t any ordinary morning.

Read the full article from ABC News

Dear Friends,

It’s been hard not being able to connect in person or see each other at worship. But you remain steadfastly in our prayers.

Even though our community is dispersed, we continue to put Love in Action, responding to the work we have been called to do. As you can see in this ABC News piece, our dedicated staff is keeping our building open and running for the life-saving work of the West Side Campaign Against Hunger food pantry and the Meals on Wheels program for Seniors. We are also working hard to tend to the spiritual and emotional needs of our community, with small group ministry, pastoral support, meaningful virtual worship, and remote programming. This is essential work also.

We cannot do this alone. We are called to live in community because through this holy connection, the impossible can happen! Our resources multiply and miracles manifest.

We need your help. We are rapidly running out of money. Worship attendance has more than tripled since we moved worship online! But without in-person worship, offerings and pledges have fallen off dramatically. And with so many of our space-users running into difficulties of their own, those revenues are also beginning to dry up.

Are you able to help? Below are a couple ways to support our ongoing work. If your financial situation has been harmed, please simply keep us in prayer. But if you can contribute, please do.

Please stay well and safe.
Your pastors,
K and Lea

If you typically make your donation by check, we recommend using one of these options instead of mailing a check. These methods will increase processing time and make your gift available sooner.

1) Make a donation with a credit or debit card. (Please note that the church is charged a processing fee is 3%, which you have the option to cover.)

2) Email the amount of your intended gift and any designation to (e.g. Pledge $50; Good Samaritan Fund $25). Within 24 hours, you will receive an invitation to make your donation by electronic check. With an eCheck all of your donation goes to supporting SPSA, as there are no processing fees collected for this service.