Worship for Easter Sunday – April 17, 2022

For our indoor service Easter, those worshipping in person should wear a high quality mask (N95 or KN95). Masks will be available if you do not have one when you arrive. Windows and doors will also remain open during the services for additional air circulation, so please dress warmly if it’s chilly!

Recognizing Resurrection

“Why do you look for the living among the dead?”  Luke 24:5

I’m not ready for Easter this year.  That has nothing to do with whether my sermon is written (at least it’s started), or whether the Easter lilies have arrived (they have), or whether we have candy for the Easter Bunny to fill Jessie and Harry’s baskets with (incidentally, how old will they be when they don’t expect that anymore?).
It’s just an unsettling feeling I have that, somehow, Easter doesn’t fit into a world like ours.  How can a celebration of life, new life, even the possibility of life, fit into a world so swept up in the things of death?
Probably, the world isn’t worse now than than it was last week, or last year, or a century ago. But to me it feels that way.  And resurrection doesn’t seem possible.
Still, I know in my soul that resurrection happened. It happened for Jesus, and it happens to us. And, when I pay attention, I catch a glimpse of it. I can recognize it!
Join us as we gather together this Easter – in the park at dawn, in the sanctuary, or online – to catch a glimpse of resurrection, and to recognize it when we see it.


Sunday, April 17 at 6:30am at Belvedere Castle, Central Park (meet at 81st St & CPW at 6:15am)
Join us at Belvedere Castle to welcome the dawn of Easter Morning. Please bring a poem, a thought or a favorite hymn. You can also join on Zoom, sharing your sunrise with others who join from afar.

Click to join on Zoom.us | Meeting ID: 812 6512 0964 | Passcode: Easter


Sunday, April 17 at 11:00am
Celebration of the Resurrection 
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For the first time since 2019, we come together for our Easter Celebration of the Resurrection service. Under the direction of Dr. Frank Glass, our Chancel Choir, the Metropolitan Horn Authority, and St. Paul & St. Andrew musicians will greet us all with a joyful noise! Following a special Message for All Ages from our friends Chester the Church Mouse and Shirley Bananas, Rev. K Karpen will preach. And immediately after service, the kids can join Pastor Lea and Amanda in the Board Room, while Pastor Ekama and the youth help the Easter Bunny prepare for an egg hunt in the sanctuary. Nursery care available. The service will also be livestreamed on our YouTube channel.