Eighteenth Sunday of Pentecost

By Brent Ness / September 22, 2023

Bread for the Journey Sunday, September 24 at 11am | Bulletin “What do you need?” That’s a question that seems a bit fraught. If I’m the one doing the asking, say when someone comes to the church asking for help, I sometimes get more of an answer than I expect. More than I can give. And if someone is asking me what I […]

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Seventeenth Sunday of Pentecost

By Brent Ness / September 15, 2023

The Mercies of Traveling Sunday, September 17 at 11am | Bulletin Friends, Join us outside on Sunday, on the north side of the Soldiers & Sailors Monument, 89th Street & Riverside Drive! With the Book of Exodus in our lectionary, it is so appropriate to leave the confines of the sanctuary for the wide open […]

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Sixteenth Sunday of Pentecost

By Brent Ness / September 8, 2023

First Impressions Sunday, September 10 at 11am | Bulletin Friends, It’s back to school week, a season of new routines, new experiences, and first impressions for many in our community, whether heading to preschool or grad school, whether teaching their first course or beginning their third decade in a school support role. Sunday also marks Pastor […]

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Fifteenth Sunday of Pentecost

By Brent Ness / September 1, 2023

Liberating Church Sunday, September 3 at 10am | Bulletin Friends, My three months of work on the pastoral team at St. Paull and St. Andrew’s is coming to an end this Sunday, September 3rd. I leave with both sadness and joy in my heart. Sadness, because I’ll miss praising God with you on Sunday mornings. I’ll miss, too, the chance encounters and conversations […]

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Fourteenth Sunday of Pentecost

By Brent Ness / August 25, 2023

Water Works Sunday, August 27 at 10am | Bulletin Friends, Think about it: water is a recurrent biblical theme, from the Spirit vibrating over the watery chaos at creation, through the escape of the Israelites from slavery across the Red Sea, to Jesus’ baptism in the River Jordan, to all the storms upon the Sea of Galilee, all pointing toward the river of living water flowing through the New Jerusalem in the Apocalypse of St. John the Divine. Water: essential to life, not only to quench […]

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Policies for Donations Supporting Migrants & Asylum Seekers

By Brent Ness / August 18, 2023

Thank you for your interest in donating items to support our efforts. Due to limited personnel and space capacity, we can only receive items the day before they are distributed at our Monday Clothing Resource fair. Our next dates to accept items are: Sunday August 20, 12-1pm Sunday September 10, 12:30-1:30pm We take items on […]

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Thirteenth Sunday of Pentecost

By Brent Ness / August 18, 2023

Praise Report Sunday, August 20 at 10am | Bulletin Friends, I would bet that a great many of you could finish this hymn verse from memory, with only the first two words given to you.  Let’s try it. “Joyful, joyful…” How’d you do? I would guess you did pretty good and added on easily with “Joyful, Joyful, we adore Thee,” even if […]

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Twelfth Sunday of Pentecost

By Brent Ness / August 11, 2023

Join us north of the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial in Riverside Park! Defying Gravity Sunday, August 13 at 10am | Bulletin Friends, I have a favor to ask of you, a favor intended to become a blessing for us all. Weather permitting, we’re doing church outside this coming Sunday, in Riverside Park, very close to the Soldiers and Sailors Monument at […]

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Eleventh Sunday of Pentecost

By Brent Ness / August 4, 2023

Jesus Won’t Send You To the 7-Eleven! Sunday, August 6 at 10am | Bulletin Friends, It’s summer and maybe you’re heading off to find an uncrowded place for vacay. The Jersey Shore? A lake? A national park?  But there are crowds everywhere.  Now you know how Jesus and his friends must have felt when they needed some […]

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Tenth Sunday of Pentecost

By Brent Ness / July 27, 2023

Be Still My Heart Sunday, July 30 at 10am | Bulletin If you would like to support the ministry financially, please visit our giving page. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram

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