Digital Worship for August 30, 2020

Smoke Signals

Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost
Today’s Reading: Matthew 3:1-15

In 1706, the hymnist Isaac Watts, wrote the lyric to “God is the Name My Soul Adores,” telling the story of Moses confronting the burning bush. The fifth stanza offers these praises and questions of God in the midst of the encounter that will frame our upcoming worship time together.

“Who can behold this blazing light!

Who can approach consuming flame?

None but thy wisdom knows thy might,

None but thy word can speak thy name.”

This Sunday, we’ll follow Moses’s lead, stray from our path, and look directly into the blazing light of the divine truths being revealed in our moment. And with God’s help and each other, we will hopefully allow those fiery revelations to change us and redirect our path. -Pastor Lea

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