Digital Worship for Christmas Eve

Candlelight Service at 5pm

Candlelight Service at 11pm

Merry Christmas!  

Most of us I imagine will be home for Christmas, though not exactly the way the songs have it.  Wherever you are, we hope you will join us Christmas Eve for our beautiful services, online.  Here they are: 

Christmas Eve Family Service:  5:00 pm | Bulletin
Christmas Eve Candlelight Service: 11:00 pm | Bulletin

Both of these services will be offered on-line as YouTube premieres, at the times above—but if you can’t join in right away, you can always worship later, whenever you like.

At the end of the Candlelight Service, we’ll switch to Zoom, so we can light a candle and ring a bell (if you have one!) and ring in Christmas at midnight, just as we do when we’re here in person.  

What a year it has been!  Certainly not anything we could have anticipated last year at this time.  As we think back, we are so amazed.  Through it all, through pandemic, economic hardship, racial injustice, political havoc, and all the rest, we have stood together, and even drawn closer, as a community of faith.  We’re very grateful.

We won’t be gathering in person this Christmas, but we will still be together, drawn in the Spirit’s tether. Certainly the story of God choosing to come to us and live with us, sharing our struggles and loss and pain, is more vital and moving than ever.  It’s a story we need to remember.

That story was shared so powerfully by our children, youth and families on December 13, in what has to be the best virtual Christmas pageant ever! This holiday season, we are filled with gratitude when we think about you. You have given heart and soul, time and treasure, to the building of God’s kin-dom and the succor of God’s people.  You have kept us going, despite all odds!  Our work continues. 

Your pastors,

K Karpen & Lea Matthews

We continue to hold each other in prayer, you can add your prayer requests here.