Worship for January 22, 2023


Nothing Special

Sunday, January 22 at 11 am | Bulletin

“Immediately Peter and Andrew left their nets and followed Jesus.” Matthew 4:20

We sometimes get the impression that Jesus goes out hunting for disciples, looking for disciple-y looking people as he walks along the shore. What was special about Peter and Andrew, James and John, that Jesus selects them to be part of his inner circle?

Two things to consider as we think together about the call of the first disciples. First, the only ‘special’ thing about these four people, and the others who follow, is their response. They say ‘yes’.

We don’t know how many others Jesus invited that day. People who were not in a position to drop everything. People who didn’t want to be bothered. People who maybe thought the invitation to follow was weird, or inappropriate, or annoying, or badly-timed.

Maybe most of those who were invited by Jesus had that reaction. But not everyone. Thank God.

See you disciples this Sunday!