Worship for October 2, 2022


Faith and Faithfulness

Sunday, October 2 at 11 am | Bulletin

The apostles said to Jesus, “Increase our faith!”  Luke 17:5

Who wouldn’t like a bit more faith? Especially after the past several years, which seemed to require every scrap of faith we could muster.

The apostles ask for more faith because Jesus has given them a near-impossible task: forgiving those who have wronged them. I can relate. But these Jesus-followers need faith also for the daily work of spreading the Gospel of love and justice: serving the poor, healing the sick, calling out the wealthy and arrogant.

I want to pray, ‘Increase our faith, Jesus, so we can serve you better. And when we manage to do that, let us not expect some recognition or congratulations in return.’

Following Jesus is not the work of heroes, but of servants.



P.S. This week is World Communion Sunday (please consider a special donation…Give to #3 World Communion Sunday). We will join Jesus followers around the world in the communion meal together during the service.

Our autumn cookout has been postponed to next Sunday due to the weather forecast.

Come and partake, increase in faith!