Laboring in Love

Those worshipping in person should bring and wear a mask during the service. Masks will be available if you do not have one when you arrive. Windows and doors will also remain open during the services for additional air circulation, and ice water will be available.

Sunday, September 11 at 10 am | Bulletin

‘Which one of you… would not leave the 99 in the wilderness and go after the one that is lost?’ Luke 15

This Sunday is September 11th, a date that still scars and sears the memory for most of us. What loss we experienced that day, collectively and individually! How much that loss is still with us, so many years later.

Jesus tells his famous parable of the lost sheep from the perspective of the shepherd. But I often feel more like the lost sheep, heavy with the sense of having somehow missed the path. And, some days, I feel like a member of the flock, hanging with my companions, but aware of those no longer with us. And wondering where the heck the shepherd has got to.

Either way, the parable holds a clear and insistent message of inclusion. We are not whole unless everyone is welcome. We are not whole unless everyone is present. So please join us this week, either in person or online, as we delve deeper into the meaning of Christian community.

In love,