Dr. Frank Glass

Minister of Music

More about Frank

Frank (he/him) is the Minister of Music at St. Paul & St. Andrew.  He has blessed this community in that role for over 40 years.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in English literature and music from Duke University and graduate degrees in voice and musicology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His book on Richard Wagner, The Fertilizing Seed, is almost as interesting to read as it is difficult to find.

He comes from a long line of Georgia Methodists on his mother’s side and an even longer line of Italian Roman Catholics on his father’s. His musical influences and interests are many and varied and include a particular fondness for the spiritual songs of the nineteenth-century Southern singing schools in America.  Over the years, Frank has written and arranged scores of anthems for the wonderful volunteer choir at St. Paul & St. Andrew.  Close to a hundred of those anthems and his songs for solo voice have been published by J.W. Pepper Music.  Fifteen of his choral works can be heard at www.vimeo.com/frankglass, as well as on his YouTube channel.

Lightning Round:

    • Favorite Food: Whisked DC vegan cookies
    • Little Known Fact: I lived and worked for two years on the island of Yap.
    • Unwinding Activity: Contemplating cleaning my apartment
    • Words to Live By: “You shall know the truth, and it will make you odd.”