Digital Worship for March 21, 2021

By Brent Ness / March 20, 2021

Listening for Lent: The Christ Connection Fifth Sunday in Lent | Bulletin “Now my soul is troubled…”  John 12:27 A year ago this week, the world shut down.  And so did the church–except we didn’t, thanks to you.  We quickly pivoted to online worship, formed ‘Connect & Care’ groups, found new ways to give online, and […]

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Violence Against the AAPI Community

By Lea Matthews / March 18, 2021

We are angered and grieved by acts of violence against our Asian siblings.  As a faith community, we feel compelled to name the White Supremacy, misogyny, and racialized scapegoating that undergird and perpetuate this rise of domestic terrorism, targeting Asian communities.  We hold in our hearts the families of those murdered in Atlanta, as well […]

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Digital Worship for March 14, 2021

By Brent Ness / March 13, 2021

Listening for Lent and Walking Among the Snakes Fourth Sunday in Lent | Bulletin “Listening for Lent and walking among the snakes.”  That’s the message our guest preacher, the Rev. Dr. J. Terry Todd plans for us this week!  Everyone knows John 3:16, ‘God so loved the world…’, but back up a verse or two, […]

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SPSA Announcements, Updates, and Online Worship During Coronavirus

By K / March 7, 2021

Sunday, May 16 Worship Service The Soul Must Sing Worship with us… Sunday, May 9 Worship Service Down From the Heights Worship with us… Sunday, May 2 Worship Service What’ll You Have? Worship with us… Sunday, April 25 Worship Service Time to Jump Ship? Worship with us… Sunday, April 18 Worship Service On the Road […]

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Digital Worship for March 7, 2021

By Brent Ness / March 7, 2021

Listening for Lent: Sacred Spaces Third Sunday in Lent | Bulletin </div></h3></div></h3> Jesus answered them, “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.”   John 2:19 Seeing the corruption of the Jerusalem temple makes Jesus angry, as angry as he ever gets. In contrast, his response to his death sentence and crucifixion […]

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Digital Worship for February 28, 2021

By Brent Ness / February 27, 2021

Second Sunday in Lent | Bulletin “Jesus called the crowd with the disciples, and said to them, ‘If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.’”  Mark 8:34 Welcome to Worship! The journey of Lent is a journey with Jesus to the cross. How do […]

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Digital Worship for February 21, 2021

By Brent Ness / February 20, 2021

First Sunday in Lent | Bulletin “And the Spirit immediately drove him into the wilderness…” Mark 1:12 Welcome to Lent! This is the first week of Lent. For the next 40 or so days we are invited to spend time with Jesus in the wilderness, walking that lonesome valley with him, remembering the 40 days […]

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Listening for Lent: An Introduction to the Hymns

By Brent Ness / February 17, 2021

This year, our Lenten theme is Listening for Lent.  Over these many months of pandemic life, our community has clung to music to bring us joy, offer us solace, hold us together, and keep us rooted in our faith.  It seems right, then, that our Lenten observance this year would follow the soundtrack of this […]

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Digital Worship for February 14, 2021

By Brent Ness / February 12, 2021

Transfiguration Sunday Transfiguration Sunday When the two of them had crossed the river, Elijah said to Elisha, “Tell me, what I may I do for you?”  – 2 Kings 2:9 This week, the New York Annual Conference is providing all the churches with a ‘respite worship service.’  They figure Pastor Lea and I, and the […]

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Digital Worship for February 7, 2021

By Brent Ness / February 6, 2021

Recovering from Spiritual Amnesia Fifth Sunday After the Epiphany | Bulletin</h6> We are nearing the end of Epiphany and we are at the start of Black History Month. The intersection of those two seasons was on my mind and heart as we shaped the worship service for this coming Sunday. In scripture, song, and sermon, […]

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