Tent Pitching

Sunday, June 11 at 11am | Bulletin


Have you ever had to pitch a tent? As many of you may know, I struggle with “fun” or “leisurely” outdoor activities. It’s mostly my suburban upbringing, but mostly I don’t like even the off chance that I’ll be uncomfortable in any way. Why be outside, at the whim of the elements (timely on a week like the one we’re having here in NYC), when you could be comfortably wrapped up indoors, if you have an indoors to seek shelter in…

As we settle into the summer exploring season and even more so, our Summer of Revival, let’s explore some of the ways that we are led, either for leisure, by our economic circumstances, in seasons of protest or perhaps even by the prompting of the Holy Spirit to pitch up our tents and do and be new creation in Christ.

Some of you will be at the Annual Conference which is taking place this weekend at Hofstra University, and our very own Rev. Jenna Johnson will be ordained (more info on how to watch forthcoming)!

God continues to do new things,

See you on Sunday!