Step Out To Look In

Sunday, July 9 at 10am | Bulletin


It’s the travel season. Lots of us take advantage of the summertime to visit family and folks elsewhere, host friends or become amateur tour guides for friends visiting, take a trip to a new place, or opt for a staycation, preferring to explore where we live while not having to pack one suitcase. In each case, though, we have the chance to shake things up a bit. We can loosen our grasp on the same old routines and the same old rhythms, inviting in something different. For a time, we can adopt a different vantage point. If done with intention, we can perceive things quite differently with even the slightest shift from the norms, notice something otherwise missed. It could be about our city; it could be about ourselves.

This Sunday, we’ll welcome a season of reflection as part of our summer of revival. Through our worship life and our small group study that also begins Sunday, we’ll consider more deeply who and where we are, so that we might begin to dream about where God is calling us next. A slight shift of time and place for worship will assist us as we start. Instead of worshipping inside, as usual, we’ll gather outside in God’s sanctuary. Maybe we’ll be able to see ourselves a little differently, maybe we can notice something about our community that we hadn’t before. Hopefully, we’ll perceive God in new ways, guiding us to imagine and create what hasn’t been yet.

Join us at 10am behind the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, on 89th St. and Riverside Drive, just inside the park. You’ll see some helpful greeters in purple SPSA gear to guide you. Then together and with sacred intention, we’ll step outside of ourselves and look in.

See y’all soon!

Pastor Lea

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