Reformation Sunday

Back and Forth

Sunday, October 29 at 11am | Bulletin

“And it’s from the old I travel to the new, keep me traveling along with you..”

So much of our time on this earth is planning for the future. What’s for dinner? What will I wear on Sunday? What do I want to be when I grow up? Who do we want to be as a community?

All this planning, hopefully for things we get to experience or hear about.

But so much of planning for the future takes us out of being able to live into and experience the now. In a world that is ending, in many ways, because God and we are always creating anew, our way of life often has us rushing ahead to the next things without us doing our due diligence and staying in the present AND reflecting on where we’ve been in the past.

This week we get to the end of the saga (or perhaps love story as Pastor K invited us to imagine) of God and Moses. So much has happened already, which has been both incredible and heartbreaking. Join us in  worship on Sunday as we dream a little bit about looking onto the Promised Land way before we ever get there.

And please do stay afterwards as we gather in the Parlor for a conversation with David Wildman about his work with the Palestinian people in Gaza.

As always, looking forward to being with you, in all of the ways,
Pastor Ekama

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